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4pcs Colored Wood Chew Bird Toys for Medium to Large Birds

4pcs Colored Wood Chew Bird Toys for Medium to Large Birds

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Product Description:

Unleash the chirpy spirit of your feathered friends with our Colorful Wood Chew Bird Toys, designed specifically for medium to large birds. These toys are a perfect combination of style, fun, and functionality, aiming to keep your birds entertained while promoting their well-being.

Each toy features a variety of brightly colored wooden blocks, meticulously crafted to captivate your pet bird's attention. The mix of vibrant colors and diverse shapes provide visual stimulation, ensuring that your bird's cognitive and physical needs are met.

The wooden blocks are not just fun to look at but are also highly durable and chew-friendly. Chewing on these blocks will help your bird to maintain its beak's health and strength, while the process of climbing and swinging will offer excellent physical exercise.

Our toys are designed with bird safety as our utmost priority. We use non-toxic, pet-safe materials, ensuring that even with constant gnawing, there are no harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to your pet. The blocks are securely strung together with sturdy, bird-safe metal chains to prevent accidental breakage.

Easy to install in any bird cage, these toys come with a robust metal hook at the top. Whether you have a parrot, macaw, or cockatoo, this toy can be a colorful and exciting addition to their cage.

Product Specifications:

Measures 35cm high,Suggested for Macaws cokatoos,african grey and a variety of amazon parrots,bird toys is made of food grade color and nature wood,completed with purely handmade which are more bite resistand and durable
parrot toys has several distinctive shapes and wooden beads with vibrant colors which connected with the metal chain,and also multiple layers encourage parrot to climb and explore
Our parrot chewing toy can help parrots to preen and condition their beak,because if her beak is long,which will harm her health

  • Suitable for medium to large birds
  • Made with non-toxic, bird-safe materials
  • Easy to install with the included metal hook
  • Provides physical exercise and mental stimulation
  • Helps maintain beak health
  • Durable and long-lasting

Please note: While our bird toys are made with safe, durable materials, no toy is completely indestructible. Always supervise your pet when they are playing with toys, and remove any damaged toys immediately.

Give your pet bird the gift of vibrant colors, fun activities, and a happy, healthy life with our Colorful Wood Chew Bird Toys! Order now to see their delight.


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