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Bird Blocks Rattan Balls Bite Toys for Large Birds

Bird Blocks Rattan Balls Bite Toys for Large Birds

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Bird Blocks Knots Large Parrot Block Toy Bite Toy Natural for African Grey for Cage for Cockatoos



1. Safe Material: It is made of coconut shell, log, sepak takraw, corn leaves, cotton rope and other materials, safe and nontoxic, can be chewed safely, and is not harmful to pets.
2. Bite Resistant: With a coconut shell design on the top, the coconut shell is strong and resistant to biting, which is convenient for pets to chew and play, and can also allow pets to climb and explore.
3. Unique Design: The bird blocks knots can easily attract the attention of the parrots in a short time, and keep the parrots busy, reducing their loneliness and spending more fun time.
4. Easy To Install: Just connect the hook to the top of your bird pet cage. The hook and cotton rope are strong enough to last a long time hanging without falling apart.
5. For Birds Toy: The wood bird block toy is suitable for African grey cockatoos, Macaw, large and medium birds, providing an ideal elevated place for your birds to chew and climb.


Item Type: Large Parrot Block Toy
Material: Coconut Shell, Log, Sepak Takraw, Corn Leaf, Cotton Rope
Total Length: Approx. 55.1cm / 21.7in
Bottom Width: Approx. 15cm / 5.9in
Purpose: Coconut Shell Bite Toy for Large Parrot

 Package List:

1 x Large Parrot Block Toy


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