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Colorful Wooden Blocks Parrot Chew Bird Toys

Colorful Wooden Blocks Parrot Chew Bird Toys

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Large, medium and small parrots, biting toys, wooden blocks, bite, climbing ladder, ladders Material: wood
Color: color mixing
 Size: 32*14cm
        Length                                  Width
  12.60"/32CM                        5.51"/14CM
1, multiple building blocks bite string, parrot is like a biting toy, a large number of building blocks, durable
2, the parrot chewing a colorful piece of toy chewing string, gorgeous color in line with their preferences, you can hang it decorated bird cage, but also for chewing And climbing, to strengthen the balance and coordination of birds, to help do exercise
3, role: to ease stress and boring, to meet the needs of pets to climb and bite, is conducive to their physical and mental health
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