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Colorful Parrot Wood Rope Toy

Colorful Parrot Wood Rope Toy

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Wooden Colorful Chewing Blocks for Parrots, Soft Rainbow Bridge Soft Toy, Climbing Toys, Hanging Cotton Rope, Pet Supplies.

Bird Swing Toy Wooden Parrot Accessories Stand Playstand with Chewing Beads Cage Playground for Budgerigar Bird Toys 


1. Made of wood and cotton rope, it is safe and non‑toxic, has no harm to pet health, and is safe and durable.

2. Colorful chew toys can not only maintain the instinct and nature of birds, but also stimulate them to explore more.
3. It can reduce the aggression and loneliness of birds, and can help alleviate the anxiety of birds.
4. Provide necessary exercise activities to keep the parrots busy, reduce destructiveness, and enjoy more happy time.
5. With a fixed metal hook, it is easy to install and can be hung in any place where it can be hung at will.


Item Type: Parakeet Toy
Material: Log
Purpose: Parrots Chew and Play.

Package List:

1 x Toy




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